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lets talk about what we really want to know. texture is slightly heavier than angel food yet it has a nice moistness to the cake. a very durable for decorating. holds together well yet still has a softness. it really reminds me of a slight angel food flavor. considering the good angel food recipes contain almond and vanilla this makes sense. this cake would hold up well satcked or for use with fondant. my wife is an angel food nut and she really enjoyed cake. i used for her birthday cake and will make again. i think this would be a great cake for a fruit filling and whipped cream or meranque. definately recommend standing mixer or prep time will be longer. do not worry about over mixing this one.

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hankntara November 12, 2010

I gave it 2 starts only because it had a decent flavor...the texture was terrible. I was expecting a light and fluffy white cake....this was dense and heavy...not at all what I was looking for.

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pichardo.4 April 14, 2013

Made for PAC spring 2008. This turned out really nicely, but it was very heavy for a cupcake. It would work better as a layer cake. With that said my family did really enjoy it!! I halved the recipe and got 24 perfect mini cupcakes, they took 10 mins in my oven. You really do have to use the toothpick trick, because they do not look done. I iced them with a cream cheese icing, and then my family devoured them!!

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jake ryley'smommy April 15, 2008
Moist White Cake