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I had found the technique for the ham at Cook's Illustrated, was going to post it, so glad it's already here. This makes the best, moist, flavorful ham. I used a different glaze, but did use this specific oven bag technique. It is excellent. The ham does not have a hint of dryness to it. Highly recommended.

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duonyte December 25, 2009

This was my first time trying this technique with the ham and it was AMAZING! I followed the recipe to the T including the glaze. It was aboslutely super moist from the first slice until the last. My entire family loved the ham and glaze and requested it for Thanksgiving next year as well. Not too mention it was super easy- I felt guilty because it tastes so good without hugh effort. This is my first time posting and this recipe is why I joined Food.com. I'm so excited! You must try this recipe!

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cmj07cook November 30, 2012

I had refused to buy spiral cut hams because every time I have eaten it, the ham seemed really dry, not moist and juicy like a regular ham... but this method has changed my mind. I decided to give spirals one last try, and boy am I glad I did! It was delish! I didn't make the glaze, but I used the method for baking and used my own glaze. It was wonderful and everyone loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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Not-2-Sweet December 04, 2009
Moist Spiral Cut Ham With Pineapple Honey Glaze