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I've been baking for 25 years. I tried this recipe & thought the sugar amount was unusually high. But trusted the person who posted the recipe. Thus, my gut instinct was correct. Victim of the worst typo ever. If you try this use less sugar(1-1/2 cups). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE; check your recipe before posting!

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giljessebernal July 26, 2013

I should have realized that the sugar amount required for this recipe was a "ridiculous" amount. Baking this cake caused the biggest mess I've ever had in my kitchen. The cake wouldn't cook because this amount of sugar just burns. The batter started to spill over the sides of the pan (over the hard and crusted top) and the batter hitting the bottom of my stove caused so much smoke which filled my kitchen, triggering my smoke alarm. Not only did this recipe ruin all of the ingredients; it also wasted my time, money and also a promise to my niece who was expecting Red Velvet Cake for Christmas dessert this year. I will not trust any recipe on this website again. AND my warning to all of you reading this is, is to find another red velvet cake recipe 'cause this one is a joke. I give this recipe "0" stars.

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mary_stefani December 26, 2013

It was the best moist redvelvet cup cake ever#

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LaLente September 06, 2012
Moist Most Delicious Redvelvet Cup Cakes With Sizzling Frosting