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These are the most moist and tastiest light muffins I've ever made!! I can't tell you how tempting even the batter was while mixing everything together. I licked the bowl(confession, lol) clean towards the end;) For the chocolate yogurt, I bought Hazelnut Yogurt from the store and used 10 1/8 tbsps. of it. It's the yummiest chocolate yogurt I've had till date. After searching in quite a few places, I couldn't get unsweetened chocolate anywhere, and as a substitute, I used 63 gms. of Kit-Kat chocolate(that was three 2-finger bars). I followed your advice and used light margarine instead of butter for lowering the fat content. Since my oven does not have a 175C mark(with reference to step 1), I pre-heated my oven to 180C and proceeded with the recipe. You've forgotten to mention about adding essence in the method of the recipe. I added in the vanilla essence in step 11. The muffins were ready in 20 minutes and I found that step 23 wasn't required. The muffins were soo soft and tasty. Removing them from the muffin cups was quite an adventure and I felt like a muffin doctor (because of the tender way in which I removed them from the muffin cups, taking care that they do not break) :) Very tasty muffins and a winning recipe that I enjoyed making as part of "Pick Your Chef" contest here on Recipezaar! Thank you so much, Koko girl, for sharing these! I'm soooooooooo glad I picked you!

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 24, 2003
Moist Chocolate Muffins