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These are the most moist and tastiest light muffins I've ever made!! I can't tell you how tempting even the batter was while mixing everything together. I licked the bowl(confession, lol) clean towards the end;) For the chocolate yogurt, I bought Hazelnut Yogurt from the store and used 10 1/8 tbsps. of it. It's the yummiest chocolate yogurt I've had till date. After searching in quite a few places, I couldn't get unsweetened chocolate anywhere, and as a substitute, I used 63 gms. of Kit-Kat chocolate(that was three 2-finger bars). I followed your advice and used light margarine instead of butter for lowering the fat content. Since my oven does not have a 175C mark(with reference to step 1), I pre-heated my oven to 180C and proceeded with the recipe. You've forgotten to mention about adding essence in the method of the recipe. I added in the vanilla essence in step 11. The muffins were ready in 20 minutes and I found that step 23 wasn't required. The muffins were soo soft and tasty. Removing them from the muffin cups was quite an adventure and I felt like a muffin doctor (because of the tender way in which I removed them from the muffin cups, taking care that they do not break) :) Very tasty muffins and a winning recipe that I enjoyed making as part of "Pick Your Chef" contest here on Recipezaar! Thank you so much, Koko girl, for sharing these! I'm soooooooooo glad I picked you!

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Charishma_Ramchandani January 23, 2003

I followed the recipe exactly, but our muffins weren't moist at all. In fact, they were rather dry and crumbly. The batter was more the texture of cookie dough before baking, so we were cautious and made sure they didn't over bake. We even tried adding strawberry jam, butter or whipped cream to help with the dryness as we were eating them. We probably won't be making them again.

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whtbxrmom May 01, 2016
Moist Chocolate Muffins