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Imade this by following the recipe exactly. I will make it again, but less lemon. It was way too lemony for my taste. Also, I used 1% cottage cheese. It could stand to be thicker. Next time I will use 2% cottage cheese. Thanks for a good idea.

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Sheila in Canada September 20, 2002

What a great find. I made this to use in a quick bread that I wanted to lighten in the fat department. This did the job beautifully and it tastes good enough to plop on your baked potato. I really loved the lemon kiss this has. I used vinegar soured skim milk for the buttermilk ask for. 1% cottage cheese and half fat mayo. This is a keeper for sure!

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Annacia October 16, 2010

It's even better tasting than sour cream. And very easy to do. I used light mayonnaise and for the buttermilk I used milk and vinegar. This is thicker than fat-free sour cream. I really liked it. I used it in burgers but I'll have to find more recipes to use it. It would be great with nachos. Thanks Sharon :) Made for Potluck tag game

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Boomette July 31, 2010

I made this last night to use in my menu of recipes today. Calorie savings per cup ( less than half = 233 vs. 492) and fat per cup ( less than 1/4 = 9.8g vs 48.2g). I made The Lady's Perfect Scrambled Eggs ( Paula Deen ), Sour Cream Chicken Risotto, and will make my evening snack Half-Time Nachos and still have a bit left over. I made as posted, leaving out the lemon zest and it was perfect! Thanks for sharing Sharon. Made for When It's Hot Tag Game.

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ElaineAnn July 02, 2010

I made this last night, and it is wonderful. The lemon gives it such a fresh taste. I will definately make this often. Since I live out in the country, I don't make special trips to the store for things I am missing. I almost always have the ingredients for this in my fridge, so now when I run out sour cream, I can make my own!!!

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Jellyqueen April 12, 2005

This was great Sharon! Thanks for sharing!!! I used 4% cottage cheese as that's what we always buy because it seems to have more flavor and be softer and creamier. When I taste tested (licked the spatula from scraping out the blender) I could taste a hint of the lemon juice and feel the graininess of the zest, but when I served it on baked potatoes we couldn't tell it from the 'real McCoy'. DH didn't even realize I'd made it until I specifically asked, "Well? Do you like the sour cream?" and his response was..."Did you [i]make[/i] this?!" I will be trying this in lots of recipes that call for sour cream in the future as we almost always have cottage cheese in the fridge, but I usually have to plan ahead to have sour cream on hand otherwise it seems to go to waste.

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Cindy Lynn January 24, 2003
Mock Sour Cream