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This is the only kind of jam my kids have ever eaten. One hint...if you add a package of unsweetened kool-aid it adds flavor and color both. Also you can use strawberry flavored jell-o and kool-aid. I seal it in jars so I can always have some on hand year round.

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ChristaLee September 26, 2003

Very good, made a hour ago and am eating it before it really sets. I think I could serve this over ice cream also.Thank you

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Joan Lubinski September 06, 2003

I made numerous batches of this jam to share with my daughters, and using a variety of boxed gelatins and assorted flavors of Kool-Aid. The end results, while the jam tasted wonderful, I found the consistency of the jam to be extremely "thick". I mean really thick! I had to take a butter knife and stir the jam inside the jar vigorously for a minute or two, so I was able to spread it on my toast. (I found I had to do this several times after removing the jam from the fridge.) The next time I decide to make this jam, I'm going to just use half the amount of gelatin per each batch of jam I make. I'm hoping this will resolve the jam from being too thick! I will be experimenting with this recipe next year, and will post another review as to how the jam turned out. Also, the flavors of gelatins and Kool-Aids I used were... Cherry Jell-O and Cherry Kool-Aid... Grape Jell-O and Grape Kool-Aid... Raspberry Jell-O and Roarin' Raspberry Cranberry Kool-Aid... Strawberry Jell-O and Strawberry Kool-Aid... Strawberry Jell-O and Strawberry Kiwi Kool-Aid... Tropical Fusion Jell-O and Mandarin Tangerine Kool-Aid.

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Domestic Diva September 26, 2014

This is pretty good. I like the flavor and I do think it would be good on ice cream...though the real thing can't be beat. I had it on a peanut butter sandwhich and it was fine.

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farmchick #2 August 20, 2009

Okay, I really don't like giving bad reviews, but I couldn't stomach this. I really wanted to like this, but it just tasted like green tomatoes with a raspberry jam on it. I followed it to the "T". I think it may have tasted better if the green tomatoes were pureed instead of just chopped. Just a thought. Thanks though, it was interesting to try.

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graciethebaker October 24, 2006

I used a strawberry jello and a package of strawberry kiwi koolaid. This tasted just like strawberry jam. Will keep this for next years late tomato crop.

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Fairy Godmother October 18, 2006

I agree this stuff is excellent. I didn't have any raspberry jello so i used the cranberry jello i had . If you like cranberries you will love it. I made another batch and doubled it batches and I used grape and cherry jello. i loved it and so did my son who is very picky. If you want larger quantities there is a mock grape jam #182610 that works excellent to . I used it after this one but have not left a review yet. Great recipe thanks

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Ravenn2 October 13, 2006

This stuff is awesome! I have a son-n-law who claims that green tomatoes make him sick. Well.....he ate the entire recipe on hot biscuits not knowing it was made out of green tomatoes. Boy! was he surprised when we told him. This has a great flavor. A good way to get rid of those green tomatoes at the end of the season. Will keep this recipe forever. Thank You!

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Ms Jennifer August 08, 2005

Awesome and super easy! The kids loved this! The mad scientist in me has been looking forward to making this recipe. When you get tired of fried green tomatoes, this recipe is the answer! Bright red color, lots of raspberry flavor from the jello. I'll finely chop the green tomatoes next time. Made one pint plus 2 T jam for sampling. Please note this is not processed and therefore not shelf stable. It should be refrigerated or frozen. Thanks, Miss Annie, for another great recipe!

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LonghornMama July 31, 2005
Mock Raspberry Jam