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I have several German recipes which call for hazelnuts. So, at Christmas time, I buy hazelnuts in the shell at any grocery store (often cheaper because they are in bulk). I remove from shells and freeze meats for future recipes. It's work, but at least you have them available for all those tasty recipes. I have also substituted almonds for hazelnuts with great results!

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kzmom February 23, 2009

4 Star, this was very good, but it became grainier as it cooled, although it stayed spreadable. My co-workers were timid, so I'll try 2Bleu's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Mock Nutella from Gale Gand) #328709 to see if it has a glossier result. (I can't believe that they have never had Nutella!) My dilemma is this: I can purchase Nutella at my local grocer's, but I had to find a Trader Joe's or a gourmet nut shop to buy the hazelnuts, so I am not sure it pays to make my own. I would not recommend letting a child make this as food processor blades are very dangerous. I used a mid-size food processor (Cuisinart Smart Duo), which was big enough for this job. I had Mock Nutella Spread atop a honey-nut bagel for breakfast. Thanks for posting. Made for Please Review My Recipe.

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KateL October 16, 2008
Mock Nutella Spread