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Danzy suggested this punch for my cousin's bridal shower in a thread I posted here on Zaar. It sounded delicious, so I decided to give it a try. Boy was I glad I did!!! It was fabulous! I had so many compliments on the punch! I froze about 6 strawberries and floated them in the punch to keep it cold during the party. Thanks Danzy!!! :)

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Kim D. February 23, 2004

Made this for my mom's 70th bday party. BIG hit! Made ice ring with gingerale that had peaches frozen in it (better for the color scheme). Put a bottle of strawberry flavored water (Walmart brand) in it the next day to jazz it up the leftovers a bit. VERY good too.

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jwlarkin December 31, 2008

Everyone I know loves this punch. I serve it at every social function I'm involved in (at least 4 per year). Each time, I have to tell someone the recipe. It's so easy to mix right in the punch bowl. I make an ice ring with straight white grape juice. I make it with Walmart's brand of white grape juice and ginger ale, and no one has ever complained. This recipe has been a life saver for me.

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CaramelPie September 09, 2005

This was horrible. I honestly do not understand the previous ratings? I served it at a bridal shower without tasting it first - my mistake, I should have known better. It had very low ratings among 13 guests - 12 didn't like it, and one thought it was, "okay." Perhaps the other consumers didn't want to give their honest opinions?? I don't know, but, I do know that I would not serve this at any social gathering - seriously.

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Fawn Trowbridge June 14, 2004

This is a wonderful punch. Served at Birthday party for 16yr.DD. All guests thought it was wonderful. Many went home with the recipe. Over heard a # of them saying that it should be served at their home on holidays. I liked it very much it has a nice bite. There was a little left over after dinner & I saved the remainder for myself. Everyone loved the strawberry ring. Thanks Danzy will be making this many time to come.

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Kit^..^ty Of Canada May 29, 2004

I 'tested'this recipe as I want to serve it at a brunch in a few weeks, made up a small amount of the recipe and it passed the test! Tasty, very refreshing, not too sweet, a great idea of using frozen strawberries to keep the punch cold! A Winner!!

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Elly in Canada April 25, 2004

This was a wonderful punch recipe. I served it a my wedding this weekend and everyone raved about it. It was perfect because it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. It went wonderful with the cake we served and everyone wanted the recipe. We got some white grape peach juice and used it as well as the plain white grape. We used a lot of the frozen strawberries so that everyone had some in their glass in place of ice cubes. It was a big hit and it looked lovely. Thank you so much for such a fab recipe...you helped make my wedding special and unique!!!

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Melissa_8201 March 16, 2004
Mock Champagne