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Not good at all. I made two of these for company tonight. I spent quite a bit on ingredients. I was sorely disappointed with the results. I used baking chocolate, which to me means unsweetend chocolate. The cheese cake was not nearly sweet enough, it was actually bitter. I followed the directions exactly. I was left with one whole cheesecake and about four slices of the other. No one, out of 18 people liked it. I tried putting whipped cream on it to sweeten it. Didn't help. It was also rather dry.

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jneen March 18, 2011

An excellent recipe! The flavor is very intense and rich and yet not too sweet like some cheesecakes. A very impressive dessert that is easy to prepare, you gotta love that! I only had 2 oz. of baking chocolate so I used them for the cheesecake. For the topping I used just some semi-sweet chocolate chips and cream. Then to add some contrast I melted some white chocolate and drizzled that over the top also. This cheesecake received rave reviews from everyone who had it and I got numerous request for the recipe. Definitely a keeper!!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) November 07, 2005

SO GOOD! I'm eating it right now :-D Found it a tiny bit dry - will bake less next time.

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wheatuskitty May 29, 2006
Mocha Cheesecake