Mmmmm...chocolate Chip Cookies

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READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by Bakemeacake428

My friend gave me this recipe

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  1. Cream sugar and shortening together.
  2. Beat in eggs.
  3. Add remaining ingredients in the order listed.
  4. Bake at 350 on greased cookie sheet **OR PARCHMENT** until golden brown.
  5. Remove from pan immediately and let cool. If you eat them too soon, the chocolate chips will burn your mouth.
  6. Some fun variations that we do occasionally: We substitute 1 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder for 1 Cup flour and make chocolate chocolate chip cookies. We also substitute 1/2 Cup malted milk powder for 1/2 Cup flour for chocolate chip malt cookies.
  7. The key to perfect cookies lies in not baking them too long (assuming you like chewy cookies) and in baking them on parchment on an insulated cookie sheet. The parchment, with the cookies, can slide right off the pan when they are just perfectly baked. You don’t mangle the cookies by trying to get them off the cookie sheet with a spatula.

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