Mmm Cookies Mmmmmmmmmm the Bestx

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READY IN: 46mins
Recipe by bluecandy101

when you bite in to it your mouth just waters no kidding even my sisters loved it and they never like my cooking and thats telling you think


  1. get a bowl and poor in the flour and the sugar and add a little sprinkle of baking powder and then poor in the butter. put your hands in the bowl and start mixing it al together till it fine. make a hole in the middle then crack an egg then get your finger an start turning it like you wood if it was a spoon it might still me sticky but just leave it in a fridge for 5 minutes.
  2. pick some of the mixture up with a spoon if still sticky? and put then on the trays when there all on get a honey in the bottle drazzle the honey over the cookie mix put then in an oven leave them on for 21 minutes. gas mark 4. come back to then if you think they need more time then they need moor time how to check if there done or not get a fork or knife and dam it in and see is the mixture is on the cutarey or not it shouldnt be ha .
  3. when done take them out the over. sprinkle some sugar on the cookies. leave them for 20 minutes put cling foil on. and then sprinkle some sugar over the cookies again it just softens them up a bit. when the have cooled down fully get your syrup and a knife and cover your cookies with the syrup leave them for 4 minutes and then get the nuteller and the a clean knife and put lots of it on the cookies if you like nuteller like me? and grate a crinchie bar over the top now your in my heaven.

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