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These were really pretty good. Went well with the cilantro feta dip as others mentioned. Would also be good with hummus, I think. We had this tonight at poker night...our health conscious friend ate quite a few. I made them in the toaster oven, but watch carefully or they'll get a little too done! A lot of the topping seemed to fall off, so I reused as I made each batch. Also, left out the caraway seeds (didn't have on hand) and reduced amount of poppy seeds. Tasty and much cheaper than buying bagel crisps of the like at the store!

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StacyMD187373 May 12, 2007

PERFECT! Like winkki, I served it with recipe 84286, the Cilantro Feta Dip, which was a great idea (thanks, winkki!). Strangely, I managed to forget the cilantro in this recipe, but it didn't matter as these chips were scarfed up in no time by my husband and myself. I added sunflower seeds to half the recipe because...well, because I'm a seedy character, I suppose. Also, I cooked them for a couple of minutes longer and at 450 F for my retarded oven. Everything else was made as listed with phenomenal results. This was so "more-ish", I can't wait to make it again. I love fast and easy! Thank you so much for a recipe that went straight into my ENCORE cookbook!

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Sandi (From CA) July 08, 2006

I used fresh made flour tortillas, and followed the recipe exactly. I loved how quick and easy it was to make. A perfect way to use up those few leftover tortillas. They puffed up beautifully and had a great texture. The flavor was incredible, however next time I will reduce the pepper and seed mixture by half (or double the tortillas). The overall consensus of our small informal dinner party was that there was just a bit too much on each chip.

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PanNan November 27, 2005

This is a great recipe...such familiar ingredients but such a different result! I was planning on using pita but ran out and ended up with the tortillas instead, they really did work well. I had two different brands and the 'homemade' one made for a lighter, fluffier bread that separated into layers and also browned better, although the more mass market brand was also a hit. I did omit the caraway from the seed mix, and only put cilantro on half. They went very well with Cilantro Feta Dip (#84286). Thanks so much for posting this!

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winkki July 31, 2005

Very good blend of flavors. I was lazy and just sprinkled a bit of each seed on top of the pita bread that I used instead of mixing them in a bowl. I also snipped the fresh cilantro over the seeds prior to baking. Oops. It was still great. I could gobble this up all by itself, but this time had White Bean Dip (White Bean Dip) to pair with it. Yummy.

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Ms B. June 24, 2005
Mixed Seed Crisp Bread