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Excellent way to use berries! My ds said this was the best desert we've had in a long time! I made one minor change by using 1 cup of coconut milk instead of sour cream and cooking it a bit longer than indicated (about one hour at 350-degrees F.). I also mixed my berries up in slightly different amounts than indicated using about 5 1/2 cups of berries. Thanks Jan for posting. We will definitely be having this again, perhaps using frozen berries to make it a all-season desert.

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ellie_ August 13, 2003

This recipe has been sitting in my cookbook untouched for over a year. May I say, the wait was well worth it! But, I am sad for all the times I could have languished in this recipe's etherial deliciousness. This is the closest yet to a dessert dish I used to consume with a passion in the 1980's at a little back-street bistro in Venice Beach, California called The Moustache Cafe. I was tempted many times to assemble this recipe using frozen berries, which I'm sure would have worked just fine, but I waited for the summer so I could use fresh (and organic) berries. This is a dish you can get lost into, with every bite being a gift to the senses. Yes, you can even get lost in its warm and delicate smell. I added some Oregon blackberries to mine which only added another arousing dimension to the dish. I believe it is essential to use the castor sugar as directed. It is also known as "Super-Fine" sugar in the US. This is probably one of the simplest recipes to create where the final reward is so great and rewarding.

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whatcha got cookin' August 23, 2009

This is a great recipe! I had no idea how in the world it would come out but it was wonderful! I used mixed frozen berries and less sugar than called for (we don't like things too sweet). I added some cinnamon. The house smelled wonderful all the time it cooked (in fact all the next day too). I too cooked it about an hour. It wasn't done in 30 minutes. We will have this over and over! Thank you so much.

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Dr. Jeanne November 13, 2004
Mixed Berry Gratin