Mix Madness Indonesian Vegetables

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

How to make the original recipes from Native Indonesian Recipes by call it with Mix Madness Indonesian Vegetables. all Vegetable can buy in your local market. Please visit my web http://momy4urecippes.blogspot.com. Thanks for try this recipes.

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  1. How to make as follow :.
  2. * Fry an egg and soyabean cake.
  3. * Peanut sauce.
  4. * Fry peanuts.
  5. * Cut into small pieces.
  6. * Boil one egg and slice it.
  7. * Boil young cabbage, long beans, and slice them.
  8. * Slice shallots, and brown with chili peppers.
  9. * Mix and grind all these with brown sugar, lemon, salt and pepper, and boil with a little bit of water. (Use this sauce with Beef Stick as well.
  10. * Ready to serve.