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I made these for a party, and they were a huge hit. My first time making tamales, and I learned a few things. First, make sure the corn husks are patted dry, and plan on patting on the masa rather than trying to spread it. I found that I needed to use less than the 1/4 c. called for (I was only able to make 30 tamales and I had a hard time fitting them on a corn husk). Second, in the future, I think I will use two corn husks placed vertically on top of one another (does that make sense?) in order to have a longer fold-up on the bottom. Since my fold-ups were small using one corn husk, I tied them at the bottom and then closer to the top. Also, I used 2/3 shoulder meat and 1/3 sirloin roast, so I had a slightly leaner mixture, which worked great. We'll definitely do these again.

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dpiperme January 27, 2015
Mississippi Delta Pork Tamales