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What a delicious and unique tasting challah! I really enjoyed the sweet taste of this version of challah. I mixed up the dough entirely by hand and I sure did get a workout! Everything worked out very nicely and I found the directions very easy to follow. Thanks for a very tasty recipe!

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HeatherFeather August 15, 2002

Oh, Mirjam, your challah is the BEST! The color and texture is perfect, and the taste is DIVINE! I used the KitchenAide mixer, and shaped the dough in 2 mini loaves and 1 large braid. Good stuff, Dolly! Laudee

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Laudee December 15, 2002

What delicious Challah! The dough didn't rise properly- but I am convinced that it's something wrong with me. I seem to be biochemically unable to make dough rise the way it should.. Anyway, the flavour of this challah was sweet and wonderful. DH loved it. I will try making it again, and hopefully it will rise next time- but if not, it's the sweetest pancake in town! Thanks Mirjam..

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Miraklegirl October 25, 2003

ug...I didn't like this at all and no one in the family ate it. I liked the technique of working with the dough in this way and was surprized with how little "liquid" was needed. But I dont know. Maybe it was all those eggs sitting out in the Israeli sun. But it just didn't taste good, sweet, or fresh. This one really struck out with me.

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Food Snob in Israel July 24, 2007

Mirj - I haven't yet tried the recipe, but I'm trying to find a good challah recipe that is quite heavy and doughy. The one's I make are good, but lacking in that chewiness that's so special for a challah - can you help?

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Ruti April 25, 2006

Having in the past followed this recipe to the letter, it has turned out really delicious. I have also added in poppy seed in one & raisons to the other, as we do like these extras. This week though, I followed most of your recipe as is. But I added about a cup of wheat germ too & raised the amount of soy milk to 250ml. I then divided the dough into 1/3 & 2/3. The 1/3 I added candied citrus & to the 2/3 I added poppyseed. I mixed & kneeded it all by hand. I was using these "dry" yeast sachets. 11grams each. I used 1 1/2 sachets in total. It said that 1 sachet was enough for 1/2 - 1kg of flour so I added extra to make up for the extra wheat germ. Alas, the dough did not really rise & although the taste was delicious, the texture was lacking. I will try different yeast next week, but I sticking to the rest of the recipe as it really is great!

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alanh November 21, 2004

This recipe was delicious. The challas I made came out very tasty, but not too sweet. So far as I've seen till now, all of Mirj's recipes are wonderful.

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Meira March 02, 2004
Mirj's Ultra-Rich Sweet Challah