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I think this is quite an old recipe, it's been used in my family for a long time. I like it because there are no chemicals, it's inexpensive and it smells good! This can be used as an air freshener or as a personal freshener on a hot day. Try spraying your poor hot feet after a hot day of shopping. I use it to spray on my hands after dishes or housework, the vinegar is a natural skin softener.

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  1. Mix vinegar and baking soda until foaming stops.
  2. Add oil and then the water.
  3. Refrigerate for best results.


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I really love this! I use the vinegar and water/oil solution daily but never added in the baking soda. First it is fun to make like a science experiment, then I added in lavender/cherry oil mix. Sounds weird but smells great. They mix it at the organic store for me and I use it often. Now I have not spritzed myself like others posted but I have spritzed the house and it is refreshing. I think I may look to get some cinnamin/apple oils to use and make some more. Thank you.
Made in honour of our dearest BB and her Ed. Cookathon

Chef1MOM-Connie January 02, 2011

This is very refreshing. Love how soft it makes my skin feel too. Lavender is one of my favourites too. Thanks BB! I think of you often. :)

Diana #2 July 08, 2009

I'm sorry...but I wasn't too crazy about this mixture. I cut the recipe in half so that it would fit into a small spray bottle and I even scented with my favorite essential oil blend. My hands are always in the water so I loved the thought of having something near the sink to help with my hands. I didn't quite care for the feeling I had hands felt like they had a film of stickyness over them.... enough that I had to wash my hands after 10 minutes. Once my hands hit water, they became very slippery....enough to drop dishes that I was cleaning up. Maybe if it was just the white vinegar, that might have worked for me?!?! I loved the ingredients, but obviously this was not the right combination for me!!

Abby Girl November 30, 2009

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