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FANTASTIC! This was one of those recipes that really intrigued me -- how is it possible to be called brownie pie with no flour, no chocolate?? Magic happens my friends! And the result is a wonderful dessert! I added the vanilla to the whipped egg whites and whipped some more. Then I folded in the rest of the ingredients all together at once. Somehow in the oven it turned into a light browie pie... Oh, and there are 16 thin mints to a sleeve so the extra two must be eaten as is! Could easily be made gluten free by subbing gluten free crushed cookies. Yum!

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Wish I Could Cook July 08, 2010

This is a really great recipe, my family enjoyed it. However the next time that I make it I will be serving it hot, fresh out of the oven (maybe ala mode). I sampled it both hot and after refrigerating and it's much better warm!! I will be making it again, it was super! Tell grandma thanks Starrynews!

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keather August 10, 2008
Minted Brownie Pie