Minted Broad / Fava Bean Puree

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 10 mins

Since I have been back in NZ I have had the chance to go through my old Cuisine magazines. There are some fantastic recipes in them, this is based on one by Julie Biuso. Great with bread and cheeses/meats.

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  1. Remove beans from pods.
  2. Put into pot of boiling water, return to the boil & cook until tender (approx 8-10 mins for fresh, 3-5 for frozen from when the water begins boiling again).
  3. Drain & run under cold water.
  4. Remove the skins (this does not taste as good if you leave them on, so is worth the effort).
  5. Put the beans, lemon juice & salt to taste in a blender/food processor.
  6. Pulse until smooth, then add the olive oil, mint & pepper.
  7. Pulse again, then put into a serving bowl. If it seems too stiff add a bit more oil.
  8. Cover and refrigerate until used (remove from the fridge approx 1/2 an hour before serving to remove the chill).
Most Helpful

Yes, it's delicious. We had broad beans from the garden and the boiling and shucking is really no big deal. Just be conservative when you boil them- they should be nice and firm. I would say 6 minutes in their shells is enough. Then cool them and pop them out of their skins.<br/>We added extra fresh mint and lemon to make it zingy. Yummy and makes a nice change from the everyday dip!

momo UK July 21, 2013

This is quite special and I am so glad to have another dish I can prepare for vegan friends. It may well be their holiday present! This is the first time I have prepared fava beans--the detailed and lengthy preparation called for in other recipes has deterred me--and I am delighted. So I did use frozen (figuring it wouldn't make much difference since I was going to puree them). The combination of lemon, mint and beans is entirely delicious...and pretty! Thanks for posthing this!

BarbryT July 08, 2007

This simple treatment of fava beans is outstanding! I didn't even use salt or pepper, there was so much flavor! Brilliant!

Mme M July 08, 2007