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Oh yum, this is an awesome recipe. I used regular baked potatoes and added blue cheese dressing to the sour cream instead of blue cheese. I used Another Mock Sour Cream for the sour cream. I will be making this again!! Made for Kittencals Forum Holiday Appetizers and Sides Tag Game - (as we bring in the HOLIDAYS!)

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queenbeatrice December 05, 2010

Blop bleep pippy dippy nanny hoo ha fo schizal my nizzal ding dong...that's the farcical language I scribble as notes besides my favorite recipes, like that created by adolescent girls in their super secret diaries. This translates to, "Excuuuuuuuuuse me, but your potato skins are showing."

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gailanng December 05, 2010

This is my dad's speciality and maybe the only dish that he can make properly! When it's baked potatoes night it's his night, no one is to get close to the oven. We liked the tossing in oil and salt. In the past,served them with all kinds of cheese,but sour cream is my favorite. Made for share the love /Holiday .

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littlemafia February 16, 2010

I was going to make just enough for five, then noticed that these could also be eaten at room temperature, and with summer coming up here, that seemed like a great option! Except that they were all devoured with such enthusiasm that none survived for my next day's lunch! I made some exactly to the recipe (using a blue brie) and some - for those whom I knew to be a bit squeamish about blue cheese - with a little basil pesto mixed with the sour cream. Both were eaten with equal enthusiasm. In fact squeamishness went out the window as the two declared non-blue-cheese-eaters wanted to try the blue cheese version! And those who loved the blue cheese version wanted to try the pesto version! My only change to the basic recipe was to add two cloves of finely minced garlic in the ziploc bag in step 3. These have now been pre-ordered for Christmas Day, when they'll be served at room temperature as a snack with drinks. Thanks for another great recipe, Andi! Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder December 08, 2008

Excellent with the Blue Cheese. My potatoes were larger than the bite-size new potatoes so I altered the technique a little plus I only made 2 medium size red potatoes for the 2 of us. DH did not want the blue cheese on his, so for mine I put some sour cream on and then crumbled some blue cheese over it. I just eye-balled the amount. I loved the flavor the blue cheese brought to the potato. I left off the chives because I was too lazy to go to the garage to get them. Used kosher salt for the outside which I love. Baked these little babies for about an hour. Thanks Andi for a keeper. Made for PRMR

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~Nimz~ November 26, 2008

These were quite good. We loved the way the sour cream/bleu cheese mixture melted over the hot potatoes. We couldn't do the one-bite thing, but had a fun time wiping the corners of eachothers mouths. Great Job Andi. Thanks for sharing. :) We made these again, and revised a bit. We sprinkled a varied tad of shredded parmesan/white cheddar onto the hot potatoes after opening up the taters, then we let them bake for another 3-4 minutes, then added the sour cream/bleu cheese mixture atop. Wonderful! -2Bleu-

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2Bleu February 01, 2008

I'm giving these five stars even though I didn't taste them--I didn't get the chance! These were hugely popular, and people yummed them up as fast as I put them out. I did taste the sour cream-blue cheese filling, and it was very yummy, even though I don't usually like blue cheese. I used thinly sliced scallion greens instead of chives. I plan to make them again soon--for just my family, when I might have a chance to try one! Thanks for posting, Andi of Longmeadow Farm! UPDATE: made these again tonight for New Year's Eve with DH and DS, and left off the green onions/chives altogether, as DS dislikes them. They were very, very nice! I only wish I'd topped them with paper-thin slivers of the leftover rib roast from last night!

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Halcyon Eve January 01, 2008

These were very tasty and were great for our graduation brunch. I had a little trouble with Step 8 - maybe I should have cooked them a but longer but the potatoes didn't hold together as well as I would have liked when I squeezed them.

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Marsha Mazz December 22, 2007

these are addictive little suckers :) i made them and ended up stuffing myself all night with the left overs! a keeper

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MarraMamba December 22, 2007

YUM! I loved the creaminess of the blended sour cream/blue cheese mixture. I didn't have fresh chives, so used very finely minced scallion instead, which I thought was delicious. I think I might use this basic recipe again soon but toss it all together to make a new twist on potato salad. Thanks, Andi!

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Susiecat too December 20, 2007
Mini - Me - Baked Potatoes