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These tarts are certainly tasty but I found the coffee liqueur to be over powering so that I couldn't detect the maple at all. If I prepare these again, I would definitely cut the liqueur in 1/2 or omit it. I was looking forward to the maple flavor. I prepared the large but thin type of tart, which made 6. I lowered teh oven temp to 425 for 8 mins to start as my oven runs a wee bit on the high side. I then cooked them a further 8 mins @ 350. They tested done (knife test) but later upon tasting, I was surprised that they didn't have the same texture as 'butter' tarts, which is what I had expected. This is not a bad think - the texture is excellent but don't expect a really sweet and almost gooey-ish experience. I do like them but for me personally, I'd most likely omit the liqueur and increase teh maple syrup slightly while also adding a bit of maple flavoring. Thank you for this treat!! RSC#10 Sharligan

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sharflan August 24, 2007

Quite tasty. I'm very glad I checked them halfway through the 10 minutes at 450 because they were starting to burn. I turned down the oven immediately and let them cook at the lower temperature. My son really likes them but I find I'd rather have either raisin tarts or pecan tarts, not a tart that is a mixture. Personal preference I guess. Good luck in the contest!

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*Pixie* August 24, 2007
Mini Maple Pecan Tarts