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Delicious recipe! I only had light cream cheese and regular bread crumbs, so I made this recipe with those slight ingredient changes. Perhaps because I didn't have fresh bread crumbs, my "crust" needed an extra tablespoon of melted butter, and didn't hold together well when I removed the cakes from the tins. However, I just sprinkled the crust left in the tins over the cakes. The taste and texture were just delicious, and they looked as good as they tasted. I served them with a bunch of seedless red grapes, and four of us just devoured them as an appetizer. I LOVE this, and will make again. When I do, I'll really start tinkering, and maybe use olive oil in the bread crumb/walnut mix instead of butter, maybe even adding some garlic powder to it. I used plain goat cheese this time, but will probably try some of the herbed or peppered cheeses next time. Extraordinarily good - thanks, s"kat!

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Lizzie-Babette February 20, 2004
Mini Goat Cheesecakes