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We really enjoyed this, but I have some suggestions. The recipe itself has good 'bones'. Next time I make it--and I do hope to make it again--I will double all of the ingredients for the burgers and make them regular-sized and serve on hamburger buns. I will use a LOT less cabbage. I don't understand what all that cabbage is supposed to be for on just 12 tiny burgers. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I baked the burgers for about 10 minutes. (It's the middle of winter in the middle of Pennsylvania.) I used 93% fat free ground beef. This is the first time I've had queso blanco and it is wonderful! These 'min' burgers ended up being sky-high and therefore hard to eat. All in all, a very nice recipe. Thanks ninja.

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windhorse23 March 06, 2010
Mini Dominican Chimichurri Burgers