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I found your recipe while searching for mini-pies in a muffin tin, and we absolutely loved them! We only made 6 the first time, because we only had 3 apples, and yes, the three of us were fighting over them, and watching each other with hawk-eyes, making sure no one had more than their 2 :) Now, we're going to make mini pecan pies and more apple ones for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!

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knhdah November 23, 2011

I love these! I usually do not make my own pie crust because I have trouble rolling it out -- but this recipe is wonderful! I did have to use more water than it called for (I live in a VERY dry climate) - but I added water 'till it came together in the food processor. The crust rolled out very easily. The finished pies were very tasty - and the crust was flaky and butter-y tasting. I plan on freezing some of these to save for unexpected guests. (Next I will try the crust recipe for a "real" pie!)

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Peggy 7271 October 05, 2013

Wonderful recipe and fun idea. We made 6 apple pies, 3 strawberry and 3 blackberry. They were YUM. Pay no mind to the first post re: eggs, baking soda, et al. A pie crust is flour, butter - ice cold is best so I stick mine in the freezer, a bit of salt, maybe a bit of sugar and ice water. That's it. You can't really make a decent pie crust or biscuits for that matter with out really cold, unsalted butter.

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aviewapart February 12, 2013

Very good! I don't own a food processor, so I used a large bowl and a sturdy whisk to cut in the butter.... Not a easy but well worth it! Crust is flakey and filling is awesome ( added nutmeg and a tablespoon of lemon juice). Everyone loved them ;)
Thanks a bunch!

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Chantahl January 21, 2013

Wonderful, easy recipe.

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jabbott3 March 29, 2012

I found this recipe when i had a few unwanted apples who's taste wasn't exactly perfect...
This recipe made those apples much more edible.
The directions were thorough and easy to follow and like you said; with little hassle. ;)
Contrary to the person above, these came out wonderfully without eggs, baking flower, or baking soda... if you are concerned with the fatty content of butter, a low-fat margarine works just as well. Considering that chilled butter has an almost totally opposite texture to oil, i can see why it wouldn't set up properly. :/
I love how simple this recipe is and how few dishes i have to wash after completing it. :D
Thank you for posting such a wonderfully simple recipe for a not-so-simple tasting pie!

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Vaelira December 28, 2011

I made these today for my husband's birthday. These are fantastic! I normally do not care for apple pie, but for some reason, this tasted so good to me. I followed the recipe as written, and it made 12 very stuffed muffin-pies.

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BusyB June 30, 2011

These are very tasty! I halved the recipe and it was still enough to make 11 mini pies. I just stretched the dough cause I don't like too much crust. Then i over-filled eat one with the apple filling. They came out great! Perfect warm out of the oven with my morning coffee! Not overly sweet in the least like some other recipes out there. Wonderful recipe!

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oca1 April 25, 2011

Thanks so much for posting this recipe - these apple pies always are a huge hit in this household and my friends & family always rave over them! I too had leftover filling but prepared for that and just made more pastry. As you'll see by the photo I've posted, I gave them the 'star' treatment and they looked even more magical after a dusting with icing sugar!

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pennalooloo February 17, 2011

I have always loved apple pies but found myself buying horribly over-processed, full of junk ones from the supermarket but now that I have this recipe I can have home made, single serve apple pies that take not much longer than than heating up the awful ones from the supermarket. I 'veganized' the recipe by using vegan butter subsititute and I subbed 1/4 cup of brown sugar in with the white sugar. As Lalaloula noted, I ended up with LOTS of left over filling but this is hardly a problem, I will just have to make more pastry ;) The pastry was super easy to put together and very simple to work with. I used Granny Smith apples which are my preferred cooking apple. Next time I will brush some soy milk on the tops to help them brown. Made for my fellow Voracious Vagabond - ZWT6

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KristinV June 05, 2010
Mini Apple Pies (So Easy, Not Much Hassle!)