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YES, this recipe certainly makes a lot of soup, but that's not a problem: I always love stashing future meals away in the freezer. The last couple of soups I've made have tasted so unbelievably better a few days later, so I made this two days ago and we enjoyed it tonight. Fantastic: we just savoured each and every spoonful. I made this exactly to the recipe except for using 3 leeks and adding some rosemary and sage to the other herbs, and my basil was fresh. Gosh, it's great when you have a herb growing healthily and abundantly! I used a Savoy cabbage (always more flavoursome) and used my favourite sausages from my butcher's: excellent chicken and chive sausages. Thank you for sharing this super recipe Lainey. I'm intending to do what I believe the great chefs of Europe have always done: never really empty the pot when making further batches, so when I bring a batch from the freezer that will be the base for the next minestrone, and I'll make sure that some is reserved to become the base for the next batch etc.. I once ate a minestrone in a university college and it was just superb. When I asked after the recipe, I was told that the chef - who'd been there for many years - had always done just that! So I suppose I should report in on this further in a year's time - or in ten year's time? Made for PRMR. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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bluemoon downunder January 16, 2009

Excellent. I will definitely make again for a large group.

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Spencer #2 March 27, 2016

I halved this recipe, and it still made a lot! I made exactly as posted (except for halving) except I added a little more beef broth...mine looked too dry to cook the pasta! I had to add another 5 minutes to the final cooking time to get the pasta tender...this could be my stove. I have an electric smooth top and the low seems really low! The taste is fantastic...I'll definitely make again. I can't wait to try it after it has sat in the refrigerator for a day....I bet it will be phenomenal. I made this for Gimme 5 Tag!

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breezermom January 28, 2009

Best minestrone ever! I love spicy food, and the italian sausage gave punch and body to a soup that tends to overpower with tomato. I would serve this with a crusty sourdough, and I wouldn't hesitate to serve this to family or friends! I would advise using fresh veggies to avoid sogginess when reheating.

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roxyzion January 05, 2009

Good! I just chopped and dumped in the veggies I had -- frozen corn, a potato... and I used chicken broth and chicken sausage. Used wide egg noodles instead of pasta. Basically, just follow the oiutline and dump in the veggies you have and/or like to eat.

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MarinasDaddy September 15, 2008

Very good recipe! I used frozen green beans, as well (1/2 pound). I also used a 16 oz bag of pre-shredded cabbage. This has gone in my keeper file!

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Beth A. September 06, 2007
Minestrone With Italian Sausage