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I used this copy cat recipe as well and found my broth to be a little lacking. I added some beef broth to it (1/2 chicken 1/2 beef) and i tell you what, not to toot my own horn or anything but it was hand down the best soup I have ever made. Adding the beef broth made it a lot more hearty!! Hope you guys try it out!! :)

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court5183 December 29, 2011

This recipe is spot on! Worked at Carrabba's during college for over 3 years and I never EVER got tired of eating this soup...here I am 14 years later craving it and had to try this out. The only changes I made was substituted Parmesan rind for Romono Rind (my grocery store didn't have Romano with rind on), and I also added 2 beef boullion cubes to hearty it up a bit after reading the below reviewer's additionn of beef stock...Served it at a family dinner party of 8 and there was not a drop of soup left in ANY bowl! Definitely going to make this again and again!!!

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kmpartridge February 01, 2012

I love Carrabba's! I never liked Italian restaurants growing up. I thought I hated Italian food, but turns out I hate low quality Italian. Their Minestrone soup was the first soup I ever liked!
So, when Carrabba's came out with their new cookbook with the soup recipe, I was among the first to buy it. Completely wrong!!! After I made it I went back to the restaurant and found several ingredients were missing (like green beans, potatoes, and several types of beans). I was so disappointed.
Then I googled Carrabba's Minestrone soup and got this one! I tried it right away and loved it! The only difference between this soup and Carrabba's is I made it myself!

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resnick81 January 09, 2013

I make this recipe all the time. I leave the ham in and add more potatoes. Yummy.

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Gymbola September 03, 2012

Perfect. Exactly the best minestrone. This makes a ton of soup too and freezes well. While you might be able to alter the beans and have close to the same thing, the cheese rind really adds that wonderful flavor. I didn't have any basil so I used italian seasoning and I also used the half beef and half chicken stock suggestion. I also used bacon at the beginning instead of the meat.

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TJDaBear January 24, 2013

Very Good Recipe and very close to the original .... added our own twist on this by adding orzo pasta ... very good highly recommend it ...

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cjk2799 January 03, 2010

My kids & I love this soup, so I was excited to find this recipe. Very easy to make. I made a few adjustments based on what I had on hand (used napa cabbage, canned green beans, frozen zucchini, 3 slices bacon, and tomato paste). Really liked the way it tasted. Like another reviewer said mine lacked the richness in flavor, but I also did not have my favorite brand of chicken stock on hand, and did not have a cheese rind. Will definitely make again, but probably modify for a smaller batch because this made a LOT. I also think it would be great with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (similar to Carrabba's Fried Zucchini app).

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beberuth1 October 25, 2009

I used homemade chicken stock. I used 2 cans of kidney beans in place of the garbanzo, and didn't add in the prosciutto. It was very good with these changes. I will make again as the whole family enjoyed it! Thank you!

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BrendaThurston67 January 17, 2009

Worth trying. My broth wasn't as deep as that of Carrabba's, and for the amount of beans, I could have almost doubled the other veggies. This was pretty close though. I think I will cut the veggies smaller next time. I added the carrots with the onion and celery. I used napa cabbage, as it was what I could find and looked very similar to what I see in the soup. Thanks!

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bzsoccermom November 13, 2008

My husband & I really like Carrabba's Minestrone soup. This recipe looks like a winner. However when I printed it out, I noticed that the serving size is 1 for the whole pot of soup and the nutrition facts are based on that. ie 4073.7calories, 11274.6mg sodium, 294.2mg cholesterol, 127.5g of fat and 518.8g carbohydrate for 1 serving. I found a reference back to this recipe on another site, they didn't offer the nutritional info, but they did adjust the servings to 12, unfortunately there was no reference to serving size. Since this recipe is listed under Low Cholesterol, I would think that at least some of the people interested in it would appreciate having an idea/guess of what to divide the "whole pot" nutritional information by.

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rt66explorer December 15, 2015
Minestrone Soup Like Carrabba's