Mind Eraser

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2 mins
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Yeah, here's one that the name says it all... it's really tasty, but the way you're supposed to drink it... Can you say PARTY?

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  1. Place three to four ice cubes in a small rocks glass.
  2. Carefully layer the kahlua, Baileys, vodka and finally the soda. Soda should be about half of the shot.
  3. Serve unstirred with a wide straw.
  4. To Drink:.
  5. Just suck the whole thing down as quickly as you can -- the last thing you taste is the cream and the soda.
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Where was this recipe when I was partying??? My friends and I spent fortunes on these! For anyone wanting a real party night, try these out! The first time I had one, I was struggling through a divorce and someone at the bar decided to start buying me one after another. Ha! Good times! ;)

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Holy Moly - I used to drink these in college ... they DO erase the mind. Drinking from the straw up - it goes too quickly to really 'enjoy' the taste, LOL! :) Thanks for posting - I might have to make these again one day for friends, :)

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I used to have these all the time back in the day. They are quite inebriating. I don't remember if I like them or not. They are aptly named. I can party like I used to- I just can't recover like I used to. Ahhh- to be young again!