Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is a beef curry I make when I feel like something tasty but haven't got a lot in the pantry!

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  1. Heat oil in a medium hot pan.
  2. Brown onions. Throw a little dash of salt on the onions. Stops them burning.
  3. Put the garlic in the pan and cook for about 1 min.
  4. Move the onions and garlic to the side of the pan and brown the mince.
  5. If a lot of liquid comes off the mince pour it into a little bowl hang onto it for later.
  6. Once the mince is brown, turn up the heat and let it sit in the pan for about 4 mins until you get some searing on the meat. This is where the flavour is going to come from.
  7. Mix the liquid from the meat if not too fatty, stock cube and dashes of worcestershire sauce. Keep to one side.
  8. When mince is browner -- lower the heat to medium add the curry powder and cook for 1 minute.
  9. Add the stock liquid, make sure this is well mixed.
  10. Add the coconut milk. Mix well. Once simmering lower the heat and cook for about 20 minutes This gets better with time.
  11. If the curry is too strong use the leftover milk from the coconut milk tin to thin. Usually 400 ml in a tin.
  12. Serve with rice, put some veg with it or the carb police will be after me! :D.


Most Helpful

This was excellent! I had one serving and my husband had three!

887822 July 10, 2008

Just made this, very quick, easy and tasty! Highly recommend for an alternative dish to cook mince. Thanks!

Tom L. January 11, 2015

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