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Excellent scones, and chock full of berries mmm! I used fresh picked and washed raspberries in these scones which at first seemed like it might have been a mistake (I had frozen raspberries in the freezer but opted for fresh as I had just picked them that morning!) The dough was a little sticky at first, but after moving it to the cutting board I pressed in extra flour around the disc until it firmed up. To my surprise, they came out perfect! Be sure to try one warm from the oven, so delicious. Still tasty the next day but a little more cakey after the berries have had time to rest. Thank you, Mimi! [Made for The All You Can Cook Buffet]

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averybird July 31, 2011

I've been testing scone recipes for the past few months, and this one is the best yet! I used whole wheat flour, frozen raspberries and added orange zest to the batter and sprinkled a bit of white sugar on top of the glaze. These are literally the best scones I've made%u2014and I've made a lot! I can't wait to make tweaks and try other berries and flours.

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alibumbayay May 14, 2011

I followed the recipe as given, but I did sprinkle a little sugar on the tops of the scones after adding the egg wash. I really like the texture, and the scones cooked up to a beautiful golden brown. Although I liked the taste overall, I felt it needed to be sweeter. I'd definately make these again, but I'll try adding a bit more sugar to the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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kfr33man1 March 20, 2011

My family has tried 3 recipes for scones with berries...this one's the BEST!! we cant get enough of them. grateful that you shared your recipe!

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car60t December 22, 2014

These were absolutely some of the best tasting scones I have ever made! I have always steered clear of raspberry scones in the past.....for some reason I thought they would be difficult because of the fragility of the raspberries. I read the other reviews before making these and made a few little changes based on the reviews. I added about 1-2 T. extra sugar and 1 T. of orange zest. I also made a little glaze that I drizzled over them after they came out of the oven with 1/2 c. of confectioners sugar and a little juice from the orange. I baked them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.They were phenomenal. One thing I would note is that the dough was very wet but this did not affect the outcome of the scone. Just more wet than I am used to working with when making scones. I will be making these often. In fact, I am making another slight variation of them today. I did not have raspberries so I used 1 cup of blueberries and lemon zest instead of orange. I also added just a little lemon juice to my cream. I just sprinkled the top with a little sugar and some cinnamon. They are in the oven right now and I would be shocked if they weren't also delicious. The dough wasn't nearly as wet but more of a consistency that I am use to working with when making scones. I baked them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes as well.<br/>Well, delicious as suspected! Thank you for posting this recipe.

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mamamountin May 16, 2013

For the love of scones, don't double the sugar... they turned out way too sweet and formlessly crumbly, even with extra wet ingredients. ;_;
A few strawberries were added in, since I could only get a handful of raspberries from my garden, and canned milk was substituted for cream, so that no doubt changed things. But they were a hit with my family otherwise. Just follow the recipe exactly. (Yeah, that's obvious.) XD

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Harvest_Spoon June 27, 2012

These scones have entirely too much baking powder. I reduced by half and it was plenty. The sugar needs to be doubled. Tasteless without more sugar. Also, no need to knead. :) Mix all gently and thoroughly and drop by large spoonfuls onto baking sheet. Makes 12.
Also, great idea for the double baking pans to avoid over browning on bottom.

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stephens2000 June 21, 2012

A little extra butter doesn't hurt and try some orange zest too for a slightly added tang. Awesome Mimi, thanks.
Edmonton, Alberta

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chantelle.pruden May 19, 2012

I made this with half whole wheat flour, yogurt instead of cream, and blackberries. So far so good.

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ferrarama October 10, 2011

I loved these. I was concerned that the fresh raspberries would end up mush, but I folded carefully and they held up well. I followed the recipe to a "T" which is really rare for me. ;) I did sprinkle with a little sugar after the egg wash because I like the sweet crunch on top. I can't wait until I pick blueberries so I can try them again.

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CrazyBoutCooking July 10, 2010
Mimi's Raspberry Scones