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Outstanding bread. I love the taste and the texture. I did sub an extra 1/2 cup of cornmeal like one reviewer proposed and it worked fine. It rose to the top of my machine and I thought it was going to raise the lid but fortunately it didn't. I will definately make again. I'm looking forward to toast in the morning made with this bread. Thanks Mimi, for this great bread recipe, it's a keeper.

UP-DATE~~~~ I used this bread for toast every day since I made it and it is the best toast I've ever eaten. In the past I've always eaten my toast dry because I don't care for soggy toast, now I can eat it with butter and have the crispiest, crunchiest toast ever. It's absolutely delicious. Please try Mimi's english muffin bread, you won't be disappointed.

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jtlucas July 14, 2010

Wonderful bread. I wanted something with a little more corn flavor; I might swap an additional 1/2 cup of corn meal for flour next time. I made it in the Kitchen-Aid; I just mixed it all together then let it knead for about 5 minutes. I let it rise, punched it down, let it rise again, formed it into a boule, let it rise again, then baked it at 350F for 30 minutes.

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DrGaellon October 10, 2009

I made the large loaf on the dough cycle of my bread machine then baked @375 35 min in my oven. Turned out perfectly. I used yellow cornmeal and it tasted superior to english muffin bread that I had purchased previously. Great recipe.

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dissjwine April 11, 2009

I have an Oster bread machine. I made this to the letter and checked the dough during the process. I noticed my bread was obviously too wet as it was almost a batter consistency and the blade was swirling, but not much kneading going on. I started adding cornmeal a tablespoon at a time, ended up adding about 8 more tablespoons. My end product on my dough cycle was still slightly wet, but "doable". I added a little flour and into the pan it went to rise for an hour and then baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. In the end, my husband (big muffin bread lover) loves the bread and is looking forward to toast and peanut butter in the morning! Thanks for an awesome recipe and I'll continue tweaking until it is just right for my machine. ;)<br/><br/><br/>Update: I made this again using 1 1/4 cups of water and it turned out beautifully! My husband is completely thrilled that we are now making his favorite - english muffin bread. I have an Oster Bread Machine with 1.5 and 2.0 loaf options, but we are baking the large loaf in the oven at 350 after letting it rise in the loaf pan for one hour. This recipe makes a single (large) loaf. Make this and you will be glad you did!

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The Domestic Diva December 06, 2013

I tried the medium loaf and had the same problem as others - too runny. I added about a half cup more of cornmeal.<br/><br/>My wife doesn't like this - says it might need sugar - but for my taste, this is what cornbread should taste like.

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Tony L. January 03, 2014

Just gotta give this 5 stars! Made it to go with a pot of soup - it was the perfect match - a firm bread with lots of flavor that stood up to sopping up the broth. Toasted it the next morning and Wow! It was excellent toasted :) We'll be making this again Mimi from Maine - Thanks! (Update - realized that I had reviewed but not rated this so came back and added 5 stars for an excellent recipe).

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Acerast October 17, 2011

Excellent tasting bread and even better toasted!

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ChewieJacuBeau September 22, 2011

I'm not going to rate this because something went seriously wrong when I made this recipe and it may have been my own fault. First, I made it in my bread machine on the dough setting. When the cycle was finished, I didn't have dough but batter. It was runny like a cake batter. I had to add quite a bit of flour before it could be handled. ( Nothing was said about the dough being runny in the directions, so I assume it's supposed to be more like the average dough.) I then baked it in a 350 oven for 30 min. and while it turned out ok, it lacked some flavor.

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Okra March 15, 2011

Love this bread! it's better than english muffins. The corn meal makes it a tad sweeter and best part of all even after toasted and buttered it stays crunchy

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gnyshoney November 03, 2009

Followed the recipe and it turned our wonderfully. The only thing I would change I made the large loaf and it was a little too big for my bread machine. Oh and I did throw it into my KitchenAid and let it to all the kneading for me. DH just had a toasted piece with a poached egg on it for breakfast, he says excellent! Yes, no comparison to the store bought bread as Chef426229 stated.

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Susang July 13, 2009
Mimi's Cornmeal English Muffin Bread--For Bread Machine