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This recipe is great! I've made it for years. For some reason with this recipe, the onions you use make a huge difference. I usually use a vidalia or milder yellow onion. This time I used a white onion and it is very strong and makes a completely different tasting chowder. In a hurry I've even cheated in the past and used canned potatoes - works fine in a hurry or pinch. I've also been known to add a can or frozen tube of creamed corn - gives it different spin for a change here and there. Otherwise, I never change up this recipe!

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skidaddler February 01, 2010

Just finished making this for my daughter, who is under the weather. I made it to the letter and it is delicious. I would caution anyone who hasn't made it before to add the last 3 cups of half and half a little at a time. I found it was a little too thin and had to simmer it about 15 minutes more. Thanks to Mimi's and Liz Corleone. Carole in Orlando

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carole in orlando December 15, 2007

This chowder tasted better than anything I have ever eaten at Mimi's. If you leave the corn out it makes a nice tasting potato soup as well. easy to prepare. Thanks Miss Diggy. Bullwinkle.

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bullwinkle November 07, 2006

This made a lot more than I thought-more like 12-14 servings. It was too rich for us (I had a tummyache later), and it was rather sweet, too. It wasn't terrible, but it really didn't suit our taste at all. If I make it again, I'll skip the sugar, sub milk for the light cream, and halve or quarter the recipe.

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Halcyon Eve October 29, 2006

Outstanding! Awesome!...or just moaning was coming from my family. This was so easy to make and the flavor was perfect. This might become a weekly event in my household. Ty so much for the post! Edit to post, Its been overly suggested I make this again this week but triple the batch! The DD said it was even better than Mimi's!

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mini_1 September 24, 2006
Mimi's Cafe Corn Chowder