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Miller, these were wonderful muffins!!! The recipe made 12 (standard size pan) huge muffins! The crowns were really big--the best I've ever made! They were light, moist, and fluffy, and the topping was a really nice addition. The spices were a great combo, and I'm thinking that you could add chopped apples, or blueberries. This is the kind of muffin I always TRY to make, but the other "bakery style" recipes don't cut it! Thanks for sharing! If you have any others like this, please share those, as well!!!

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ciao July 02, 2002

Due to the fact that I was able to read leeannr’s glowing review of these muffins just before I made them myself I had an opportunity to experiment a wee bit with the tin size. My 12-c. tins are rather ancient and have a somewhat smaller capacity than is currently ‘fashionable’. I had mental images of tops flowing together and making the muffins almost impossible to get out of my all to likely to stick (as opposed to non stick)tins. The resulting mess would hardly suitable for guest fare. I used two six-celled popover tins and still the muffins filled them amply, without loosing that oh-so-desirable peaked top. The muffins themselves were moist and light and the texture and flavour were excellent. With the addition of the topping they were definitely decadent. Unfortunately i will not be able to comment as to whether they remain moist when stored for a day or two...I will be lucky if they last the day. Thank you Miller,I'm looking forward to making this recipe time and time again.

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Myrna in London July 04, 2002

These muffins were nice. They had a lovely, light texture and a crunchy, toasted nut topping.I didn't have walnuts so I used pecans instead and increased the cinnamon to 1 teas. I found that despite the fact they were light and moist, they were still lacking something. I think next time I'll add 1/8 teaspoon of ginger and cloves and some raisins to the batter.

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Carrie Ann August 20, 2002

Mine were a bit dry, too, but I overcooked them. I think. They still had wonderful flavor =)

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CherryC9 October 09, 2011

I just made these & they really are very good. Mine were a little dry so I cooked my 2nd batch a couple of minutes less made it 19mins I haven't tried them yet but I will let you know

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kiwinana_11748783 August 15, 2011

Very good muffins, though mine were a bit dry after only 18 minutes in the oven, so I would suggest watching the time (I made regular-sized muffins). The tops were wonderful, as other reviewers have noted, but the muffin itself was not quite sweet or spicy enough for my taste. Still a great recipe and a must if you are not a sugar addict like me :)

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under12parsecs May 25, 2011

Okay, I've made these muffins 3 times now, and feel I finally perfected them with some tweaking. I had the same experience as others with muffins being dry, dense, and not sweet enough when baking exactly as recipe calls for. What I did was reduce flour to 2 1/4 cups, add 1/4 c sugar more, rounded the measurements of spices for more flavor, plus added 1 tsp of vanilla. I made sure to add wet ingredients to dry and just gently hand-mixed. I baked for 5 mins. at 420 then reduced heat to 375 for 20 mins. more. I used quick oats instead of walnuts in the topping and brushed them with a bit of egg white to help keep the topping from coming off all over during baking. Came out delicious!! Light, moist, airy, fluffy with shiny, slightly browned, sweet tops. Fantastic!!!!!

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rookiebaker2 January 05, 2011

Loved them ...just like mimi's cafe. Next time I'll make half of the topping cuz I had way too much left over.

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Wo0wo0 July 14, 2010

This was exactly Mimi's - I was blown away and so was my family. I did change the nuts as I don't like walnuts and I used pecans instead.

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saylst October 31, 2009

The tops were plenty sweet but it seemed like the inside of the muffin wasn't as sweet as Mimi's. As far as flavor they turned out great, just the right amount of spice. I didn't have any walnuts for the topping so I replace them with 1 cup of quick oats which gave a nice texture to the top. Next time I may increase the sugar to 1 1/2 cups or 1 cup white, 1/2 cup brown.

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SpicyMeatball October 29, 2009
Mimi's Cafe Buttermilk Spice Muffins