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I've had these several times at various homes, but had never made them myself. Very glad I followed your recipe as the instructions were excellent. These do taste very much like apple pie. Enclosing the apple filling is the hardest (and messiest) part. What worked best for me was to pat out the dough - rather like a burger patty or round spoon in the filling, pinch shut and then reshape into a ball, very gently. Thanks.

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evelyn/athens June 22, 2010

Little mini apple pies. Just heavenly! These were a lot of work but after I figured out how to work the dough the process went a lot quicker. My apples took a long time to cook, the liquid seemed like it was never going to cook off. I might try a slightly higher temp next time. Just for personal flavor preferences I will also cut back a bit on the cloves. Overall these were a great little treat and I will be making these again for company.

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Slatts June 29, 2010

Wow, what a unique cookie! I used strained regular yogurt instead of Greek, which worked out fine, and I goofed and put the cinnamon in the filling mix before heating. No matter; the flavor was still delicious. Cooking down the liquid took a bit longer than I expected. Like evelyn/athens I found patting the dough into little rounds then "pursing" the dough around the filling was the easiest way to go. DH really enjoyed these, and while I was less enthusiastic I still managed to put a few away LOL. Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT 6 Zingo.

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smellyvegetarian June 26, 2010

These did taste like a lil' apple pie. I was going to rate this lower, but now I see I forgot to dust with powdered sugar- that would make them GREAT. (my pic is BEFORE dusting-) made for ZWT6.

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kellychris June 23, 2010

Nice little cookies that remind me of apple pie. I had a little trouble covering the filling with the dough, So I just kind of sprinkled some crumbs over the opening and tried to roll it all in using my hands. I also added additional yogurt to get my dough to come together a little better. Now I just need to keep myself from eating them all! Thanks for another wonderful recipe Muffin! Made for ZWT 6 by an Unruly

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cookiedog June 21, 2010
Milopitakia (Greek Apple-Filled Cookies)