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This was awesome! I made my own gf cake mix and got 24 terrific muffins out of it - so moist and yummy. Great idea to use ketchup and pepsi in it - I'd never dreamed of doing that, but the result is a unique flavour. Maybe it depends on the cocoa you use - or personal taste - but other than the previous reviewer I found it chocolatey enough.
Thanks for sharing!

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Mia in Germany March 11, 2013

I love to make and bake cakes. Because I live at high altitude I have to add a little more flour and bake longer. I was interested in the ingredients. This was very moist. The flavor was good but
subtle. It tasted like a very moist applesauce cake. I have made tomato soup cakes and mexican chocolate cakes and I would increase the dry cocoa and ketchup and add cinnamon to the mix. Very clever recipe. I think the flavor would pop if these ingredients were used and increased. Thank you.

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Montana Heart Song March 01, 2013
Million Dollar Cake