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3 1/2 stars. Now I didn't use a fizzy drink I used canned pineapple juice however I did add some type of starch (1/4 cup potato starch) and 1 tsp gluten-free baking powder to make up for what I thought it may be missing without the fizz. They did have a lot of bubbles before flipping and the pineapple flavour was nice. I used canola oil and a bit of applesauce. These flipped well. They cook quite quickly. They look nice and didn't break while cooking. The taste is good without anything on top. However after I poured a little maple syrup on them, a minute later they really tended to break up and the texture became kind of crumbly (I was trying to make that not happen so much by adding the starch) Next time I may add some white rice flour to help with this(?). I think millet tends to make things crumbly but I like its flavour. I'll be trying to tweak this recipe and come repost what I did if it makes any improvement. This was good for a change from the regular taste of pancakes I usually make that are gluten-free here>> Delicious Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Pancakes

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UmmBinat April 17, 2009
Millet Pancakes