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I used a slice of whole wheat bread, soy milk, and sugar-free pancake syrup. (I wonder how chocolate syrup would translate here?!) I sprinkled cinnamon over it, and also used less milk -- about 1/2 cup -- but I still think it was too much... maybe it's because I'm not quite sure what the "grill" reference was about. I microwaved it, sprinkled it with Truvia, and then put it in the oven on broil. It was in there for at least half an hour, and it just never got crunchy. It was good, but it was more like soggy croutons in milk soup than anything else!! I would definitely use a lot less milk, in order to give it more of a bread pudding-like consistency. Made for Fall PAC '09. Thanks for posting.

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brokenburner September 14, 2009
Milky Bread Comfort Food