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I've been making lasagna most of my life. I've been called the lasagna wizard but, this one tops them all! I use Italian sausage and I use a couple different cheeses in addition to what is mentioned here. This is THE BEST lasagna recipe ever. I look at recipes as a "suggestion" and then go from there. This one is so good, I even converted it to an oven lasagna and it was just as good. Thank you for sharing!!!

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kaemurphy February 09, 2011

This is a delicious, hearty lasagna! I made it exactly as written, with the "optionals". It was wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing! The added bonus was making it in the crockpot! I will definately make this again. Thank you!

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DesertRose15 June 12, 2009

I saved this recipe you posted months ago thinking it looks good maybe I'll try it. I finally gave it a whirl but not sure about the veggies inside. I will do lasagna no other way now! I really thing the veggies give it substance and doesn't subtract from the flavors in any way which is what I was originally afraid of. I use Barilla no boil noodles but know from my past experiments you can do the same with regular nooldes laryering them dry and obtain the same great results. BecR this is truly a gem of a recipe and one I will keep. I only hope more poeple with try it. Many Thanks!

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Seashorewalker June 07, 2009

i had saved this recipe for a while now and decided to give it a shot. i thought it would be kinda soupy in the crockpot, but oh noooooo, it came out firm and tender, i made it with extra meet and made 4 layers- i will make lasagna no other way now!! most excellent!!!

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rbaugie September 05, 2011

Fantastic! Easy enough to put together in the morning before work, and the house smelled great when we got home. Hearty and delectable. Thanks!

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Burgundy Damsel March 01, 2009

FABULOUS! My husband is not a fan of lasagne but he loved it and even asked me to be sure to save the recipe for repeats!! I did not use the fennel seed as I used mild Italian Sausage instead of ground beef, which has fennel already. The only other changes made were that I sauteed the sausage first, to drain well and did not add the zucchini to the sauce, but layered the slices following the sauce layers. I wanted to make sure each bite had zucchini. And as I grated my own mozzarella rather than buying a pre-grated package, probably used a bit more cheese. Again, a FABULOUS recipe.

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EAFox November 05, 2011

Holy Smokes, this was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't add the wine,but I did add chopped up swiss chard and kale. Thanks soooooo much for sharing! Oh, also this was done in 3 hours on low for me.

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932ninja April 17, 2015

This recipe is awesome! I took a batch of this to a potluck and it was gone in 20 minutes! 4 people asked me for the recipe. I used all the suggested ingredients. I doubled the amount of canned mushrooms and I added 1 lb of Italian sausage. Also, I doubled the amount of wine because I like the flavor it adds. I'm getting ready to make a batch for at home because it was so good. Thanks for this recipe.

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JimInSF June 10, 2012

I am not using the other lasagna recipes I have anymore! I love this b/c I don't have to use the oven and heat the whole house (or if it's a cold day, I'm sure I could do this in the oven also...). I used 2 C spinach the first time and the second time I used 3 C and it wasn't too much spinach. I also used ground turkey. Excellent!

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deanie37 April 27, 2012
Mile-High Crock Pot Lasagna With Zucchini or Spinach