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We thought this was an awesome, healthy dinner! There's only two of us so I made a half recipe and it worked out great. In fact, we're planning on making it again later this week to use up the other half of the ingredients! The only difficult part was cutting up the acorn squash but it was my first time, so it might get better with practice. Thanks Panthur, I always love your rice cooker recipes (and cookbook)!

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Mary of the Midwest July 19, 2007

This was just great! I had to make a few changes, and thanks to a fellow 'Zaar member, I was able to do this with QUICK barley. Here is what I did: 1. Peel butternut squash (I subbed) and cut into 1" cubes. 2. Cook turkey and onion (and I added garlic) in a large pot until turkey is cooked halfway, medium heat. 3. Add raw squash and continue to cook and stir until squash is starting to tender. 4. Add apple and pepper, and cook about 5 minutes more. 5. Put everything in the rice cooker, with the QUICK barley and set it to ON. 6. After it finishes and switches to warm, wait about 15 minutes to steam the barely. What I found is that it could have used a tad more liquid, and maybe some salt. Thanks for the great recipe, I'm so excited to have used my rice cooker for this!

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yogiclarebear January 26, 2008
Mildly Curried Turkey Barley Dish (Rice Cooker)