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I have many recipes for brisket, as I make it quite often. It's great to have a new recipe to my repertoire. This may well be a new favorite. Very delicious. Lots of ingredients for the sauce, but everything I normally have on hand, so it was very easy. Very tender. Delicious! Made it for PAC '11.

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JeanieK October 22, 2011

YUMMM! This was so good. I think a lot of the success will depend in the cut of meat. I purchased my brisket at our very popular meat store. It was nicely trimmed and very lean. The biggest piece of brisket they had was 3 1/2 pounds. But since it was only the two of us here, I went ahead with the smaller piece. I did find that I had way too much sauce (but better too much than not enough). I also only heated a portion of it to serve with the meat -- and let it simmer on the stove for about 15 minutes. It thickened up so nicely and was just the right consistency. I did have one question in the directions. I'm hoping I did the right thing. After the marinating time was over, I poured all that "sauce" away and just put the meat in the pan, covered it with foil and continued with the directions. So I'm hoping I wasn't supposed to retain any of the sauce for the cooking process. At any rate, the meat turned out so nice and tender. It was just as good served cold the next day.

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Bobbie May 01, 2007
Mike's Brisket