Midnight Bath to Give You the Perfect Sleep

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by Charishma_Ramchanda

Soak in this silence and solitude bath to really unwind, wash away lingering stress and anxiety, unnecessary emotions and negative energy. Please note: Please use powdered oats and not oatmeal. That is a correction which the elves will hopefully edit for me{I have submitted the change}. Thanks!

Top Review by Starfire aka Wendy

Nice and relaxing with Lavender.

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  1. Dim the lights in your bathroom.
  2. Light your favourite scented candles now.
  3. I like jasmine and lavender alot so that's what I light.
  4. Following the Japanese tradition, give yourself a quick rinse in the shower to remove the day's grime before you step into your bath.
  5. Draw a bath in the meantime.
  6. The temperature of the bath should be about 100°F.
  7. Add powdered oats, baking soda, neroli essential oil and any skin soothing lotion of your choice to the bath.
  8. Slip into the tub.
  9. Soak inches.
  10. Feel your tense muscles start to relax.
  11. Enjoy this moment of silence.
  12. Imagine the water gently flowing through your body, cleansing it of stress and anxiety.
  13. Feel it running down your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back and abdomen and rushing into your legs and feet, and, finally pouring out of your fingers and toes.
  14. Let any tensions and negative emotions dissolve into the water.
  15. Once your done, come out of the tub, pat dry and say a prayer for happiness to your favourite Goddess.
  16. Goodluck will rain upon you and make your dreams come true!

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