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Oh definately reduce that sauce no argument there. I had 3 lamb shanks that weighed just uinder 2K so allowed a little extra time to cook and they were fall of the bone delicious with the sauce smothered over them. I kepted them warm in the oven (50C) in a covered dish with a couple of big dollops of the sauce to keep moist while I reduced the sauce (took about 8 minutes and served with Couscous With Savory Caramelized Onion by Izzy Knight made for a very nice meal with Basil Herbal Butter by Nyteglori made into a herbal bread, Jans recipe was made for Make My Recipe - Edition 14. UPDATED 4th February to correct spelling mistakes.

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I'mPat February 04, 2012

These shanks are absolutely sensational. Our dinner guest said they were the best shanks he'd ever had and probably the best lamb dish he'd ever had. I made these as written, and worried a bit that the cinnamon might overpower, but it didn't. The balance of spices was perfect. I assumed that your ingredient of 1 tablespoon of cumin meant the Aussie measure of 4 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon. Served with mashed potatoes to soak up the gravy, steamed broccoli and a Middle Eastern pomegranate salad. This will be my go-to shank recipe forevermore. Wow, wow and wow! Thanks for posting. As an aside, I made this on Australia Day!

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Leggy Peggy January 26, 2012

Oh yum! I was a little worried because all our (rural) supermarket carried was one rather large shank. So I browned it a little longer (maybe 10 minutes), and simmered it a little longer (maybe 1 hr. 10 min.). Then, since I had all of that lovely sauce, I threw in some steamed green beans after it had reduced. Talk about delicious! And yes, *don't* forget the yogurt (Greek if you can get it)!

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l'ecole November 13, 2011

I'd never had lamb shanks before and wanted to try them. This recipe was very easy for a first try and tasted pretty good but I've decided that shanks might be my least favorite cut of lamb (I love lamb any other time). I didn't have quite enough tomatoes but otherwise followed recipe as posted. Thanks for posting this so I could experiment :)

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flower7 August 28, 2006
Middle Eastern-Style Lamb Shanks