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I did it! I did it!! Absolutely stunning & delicious!! I used fennel seeds instead of caraway. I had no bread flour so used AP flour. Only had 1/2c semolina so filled in with AP flour. I did add 4tsp gluten as directed by the box to make up for the flours I used. I *know* this would have better texture with the correct amounts of the correct flours but the bread I made was amazing! dh thought it was a bit 'white bready' because it was soft. This is not difficult, just a bit time consuming. I need to find a better way to prep the saffron, lol. I ended up sloshing it all over the place! The first shocker was that the yeast bubbled & frothed. Understand that I don't LIKE to bake. I dislike making bread even more - there's little room for error & I like to dump, stir & be done. My mom & grandmother were excellent bakers & think nothing of throwing together flour & water, shoving it into the oven and have something marvelous come out. I just don't GET it. But I CAN do it when so inclined. And I've been looking at this recipe for a long time. I am so happy I made it. And amazed, lol, considering the alterations I made. I have lots of pics to add later, Annacia! Made for NA/ME Tag Fall '13. :)

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Elmotoo November 16, 2013

Very yellow, very pretty! ~Tasty Dish~ devoured it! Served with chicken Sunday evening and soup tonight. I cheated (I do that often) and used the ABM to prep the dough. The recipe was also cut in half and I made two small loaves. Tasted good this morning toasted with a little bit of butter and to accompany scrambled eggs. Made for NA*ME Tag/September.

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COOKGIRl October 01, 2013

Wow! Turned out great. Love the flavor and texture.

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adopt a greyhound May 22, 2014

Wonderful bread - I tagged this recipe to use up some semolina flour -- and so glad I did. This bread is wonderful and so pretty! I used the anise seed option and the bread was wonderful with chicken salad. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ May 17, 2014

The color and smell had me drooling before the first bite and oh what a yummy bite it was. Enjoyed the first with butter this morning it was ear marked for our dinner but by dinner time it was missing two pieces because I just had to have another with my lunch lol. I made using the fennel option and would like to try the caraway option next time. Thanks for wonderful post.

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Debbwl October 11, 2013
Middle Eastern Semolina and Saffron Bread