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Made for Holiday Tag. I made the topping on pita bread rather than the dough.Its the first time I ever used sumac and found it such an interesting flavour. No spinach leaves either otherwise the boys would not have tried it.I liked this very much.

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Lorrie in Montreal December 13, 2008

I made this tonight for 'zaar tag using minced lamb. The next time I make it I will make some adaptations. I used tomato paste, but thought the taste was really too strong. It was only when I looked at the can that I realised my tomato paste was double concentrated, so that was my mistake entirely. I found the dough to be really sticky, and had to add more flour, and again more when I rolled it out. Also, I had to roll the dough over the rolling pin in order to transfer to the baking sheets (mine weren't greased, and the pizzas turned out fine). I didn't have any tzatziki, so I used plain yoghurt, which was fine. All in all though, a successful recipe. Thanks Bluemoon!

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Ppaperdoll April 26, 2006
Middle Eastern Pizzas