Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

For Zaar world tour.


  1. Mash mint and sugar together.
  2. Squeeze lemons.
  3. Stir together.
  4. Add water
  5. Stir and pour over ice cubes in glass.


Most Helpful

I made this lemon delight yesterday evening with one small change, I enjoyed it hot. Yesterday it was snowing (first of the year) and cold. While the lemon and mint sounded wonderful the ice didn't, lol. I jut the ingredients together and then heated a mug full in the micro. I must say that it was excellent and very comforting with the aromatic steam. I used some Splenda in it. Thanks so much for sharing this yummy drink :D.

Annacia October 05, 2012

Very refreshing indeed! I too pulsed the sugar and mint in a food processor a few times. I also then heated the water and let the sugar/mint mix dissolve. I left the mint flakes in because I figure the longer they sit in the pitcher the more flavor they will give off. I made sure to let some in my glass and they settle at the bottom anyway so you don't really end up eating too many flakes, but they give it that different flavor. It almost even tastes like there is a bit of honey in it, I'm not sure if it was my lemons or something to do with heating it first..... Very good though!

CulinaryExplorer January 14, 2008

So refreshing! I've never had mint with the lemonade before!!! Made it using Meyer lemons straight from the tree!

Charmie777 June 17, 2007

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