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I hate to give this such a low rating, I really do. The idea is great, but there were just so many little things that added up to a big disappointment for us. The burgers have a great texture, and they're nice and juicy. But like the previous reviewer, I think the idea of getting 8 burgers out of this is a stretch; I made 6, and they were still quite small. Further, there is WAAAY too much mint. It overpowered all other flavors and was seriously unpleasant. I actually didn't finish my burger, and (cringe) we threw out the leftovers - only because of how overwhelming the mint was. I'd suggest starting with 1 tsp. mint, and an additional teaspoon of curry; make a tiny patty, fry it, and add more mint if you think it needs it. The yogurt/chutney was pretty bland for us, too; I added quite a bit of salt, some cumin, and lime juice (ended up tossing a bit of the yogurt sauce with some shredded veggies to top the sandwiches, which was nice). I think subtracting a tablespoon of mint from the chicken, and adding it to the yogurt sauce, would be good. Overall - the recipe has great ideas, but needs tweaking to make it great.

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campagnes September 10, 2012

DH and I made these chicken burgers for dinner last night and agreed this recipe is a real keeper. It was easy to prepare and very flavorful. Ours yielded about 4 good size burgers that were still small enough to fit into the pita halves. He and I ate the whole thing, so I might say the serving is more like 4 (we were pretty hungry)---8 might leave your guests hungry. The only modifications I made were to omit the romaine lettuce leaves, because I did not have any; I used Greek 2% yogurt; I used about 3 tsp of hot mango chutney; and I prepared the burgers on the BBQ instead of in a grill pan. Also, the curry powder I buy in bulk from a Middle Eastern market tends to be on the hotter side, which worked well in this dish. We will definitely make this again! Thanks!

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Dr. Jenny August 23, 2009
Middle Eastern Chicken Burgers