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I received a fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving from my company but had no way to cook it. Luckily I found this recipe! It worked like a charm and now my 3 sons - who are growing teenagers, request the "microwave turkey" for every occassion. It is awesome! Browns up too! 10 lbs bird done in 45 minutes including prep time!!! This weekend we cooked a 16.5 lbs Turkey in a 1300W microwave. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Seriously - that's incredible!!

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stefan_cartmale December 22, 2009

Couldnt believe it. The turkey was juicy, moist and golden brown. Its important to buy a big enough glass baking dish with sides so the luscious juices are easier to save. Definitely a 5 star recipe. I have made it without the citrus and its still yummy. Salt the meat before serving a bit if you remove the skin to save fat calories.

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slquinn2 December 03, 2007

Thank you for saving our Christmas dinner (with my in-laws!)!! We found out a little too late that our new oven was not properly calibrated, and out of desperation, stuffed our turkey into the microwave according to your recipe and directions. We were more than a little leery and frankly, I kept expecting the thing to catch fire in my microwave. :\ lol Suffice to say that this is THE way we'll be preparing our turkeys from now on! It was FAST, MOIST, GOLDEN, and absolutely DELISH! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for an awesome recipe that saved the day at our home and holiday! :0) xoxo

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CrunchyChristianChef December 30, 2004
Microwave Turkey