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This is the best recipe renovation! Being able to have a noodle kugel in a fraction of the time and with out having to heat up the kitchen on these hot summer days has been a blessing. It is easy as well. I have made a few minor adjustments, such as decreasing the sugar to 1/4 cup ( I like the brown sugar). Due to lactose intolerance, I have substituted Lactaid brands of cottage cheese and milk. I do not know that this has changed the outcome of the recipe and appears to work fine. My husband can now enjoy noodle kugel with out having to worry about adverse health issues. I have experimented with a variety of fruit alternatives too. Diced apricots, drained crushed pineapple and fresh from the bush blueberries have all been delicious alternatives to the raisins. The blueberries didn't make as "pretty" a kugel since they do release their juice where ever they want, but the taste was heavenly. As apple season approaches, I plan to substitute diced apples as the fruit. I do like the corn flakes crushed as the topping. Thanks you for expanding my kugel making adventures!

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Feiga August 10, 2007

Mirj- I made this for erev Shavuot because I had to work that day and knew I would have very little time to make dinner. What can I say- it's SO incredibly easy and my husband LOVED it! (I loved it too!!!) He loved it so much he wanted it again Thursday! The only thing I did differently was crushing the cornflakes for the topping. We were going away for the weekend, so I froze the remainder. We had it today for lunch when we got home- it freezes and reheats fabulously. My husband has asked me to make this on a regular basis. It is so delicious. Thank you for yet another wonderful recipe! Since I first reviewed this I have made this with dried apricots, which I snipped up into raisin sized pieces... it was wonderful; and my friend tried it using drained, diced canned apricots. She loves it so much she says she will never make noodle kugel any other way again (neither will I) I think this recipe is so versatile it could be used with almost any fruit. Yummmmmmmmmm!!

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Saralaya May 31, 2007
Microwave Sweet Noodle Kugel