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I used honey instead of syrup and a 20x20cm greased and papered pan. I found it ... dense, not fluffy at all. Very eggy, and with a pervading aftertaste of baking powder. However, for a mcirowave cake it's alright - what I liked is that it rasied itself away form the edges of the pan, making it very easy to take out. I made two, then layered and topped them with strawberry-banana cream cheese icing. It was OK. Sorry! <3, the NOOBchef.

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NOOBchef April 23, 2008

A very easy pudding, with slightly different proportions to the microwave sponge recipe I normally use. This recipe makes a very large pudding. I would recommend turning it round half-way through cooking, as mine had a tiny uncooked patch (presumably a cold spot in my microwave). We served the pudding with creme fraiche, which was an excellent balance for the spongy sweetness. The golden syrup is good, but for a change it might be interesting to try blackberry jam (or similar) instead. Reviewed for Pick A Chef, Fall 2007

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Syrinx September 13, 2007
Microwave Sponge Pudding