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I couldnt believe this worked! I am from New Orleans and thought that there couldnt possibly be a way for this to work? Amen! I will never stand in front of the stove for 45 min to make a roux.You would have thought I won the Lotto I called everyone I knew to tell them about this recipe.Thank You My life is changed forever!

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petensherry November 19, 2007

I am excited to find this recipe and it works wonderfully if you follow the directions. I halved the recipe the first time, but did not cut cook time...BIG MISTAKE...I did not know so much smoke could come out of a microwave. Anyway, I trashed that batch and started over...it worked perfectly.

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Luanne55 August 24, 2010

I'm giving this five stars on faith and out of respect to the others, who had better success---and I think I will, too, next time, IF I make sure that my glass bowl is indeed Pyrex! I THOUGHT it was, and I've microwaved in it before, but maybe not for 7+ minutes. Let me tell you, 'Zaar friends, you have NEVER seen a mess like a batch of exploding roux makes when the bowl cracks! Sounded like a shotgun went off in that microwave. I'll say this, though: the oozing swamp of roux was a beautiful golden brown, and tasted delicious, once it cooled enough for me to clean it off the bottom, sides, roof, and door of my poor oven! I guess my point is: check your bowl to make sure it's Pyrex!

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La Dilettante December 28, 2009

I was surprised, but this recipe really works. I didn't achieve the really dark roux I get in my cast iron Dutch oven, so I just added a little bit of instant roux & it was perfect! I was a little scared using oil in the microwave, but I just used a potholder with my glass 4-cup measuring cup. I have already shared this recipe with my sisters.

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Robert-Jessica J. August 30, 2015

I can't exactly rate the recipe - I used my own - but the method is dead on perfect. A real revelation. Thanks for sharing!

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Cheri 911 October 22, 2012

I have a 900 watt microwave, and it took about 12-13 minutes. Next time I may try using a little less oil, maybe a third or quarter less. This works better than the stove top method. The flour cooks much more evenly.

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anastasia pistachio December 24, 2011

I'd call this recipe more of a gumbo base than a straight roux, but I used its technique to make some roux for gravy. It's hard to give microwave directions without noting the wattage, but I used 3/4 cup AP flour to 3/4 cup peanut oil in a 1200W Microwave oven with turntable and cooked it for 5 minutes 30 seconds on high, and it came out peanut-butter roux, which is just what I wanted. I'm thrilled to never have to make pan roux again, so 5 stars, baby! Warning: the Pyrex cup (real old-fashioned borosilicate Pyrex) handle was extremely hot, as was the oil. Treat this with extreme caution, especially because you're going to be pouring hot roux into cold sauce and it will splatter at the interface.

Also, there was too much oil in my recipe - I had to pour some off. I read elsewhere it's supposed to be equal parts by weight, not by volume. I'll try that next time with my scale.

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bill_mcgonigle October 20, 2011

I was making cream of mushroom soup today for lunch and added WAY too much half-and-half. Being hungry, I searched for a quick roux on the internet and ran into this recipe. I admit that I didn't follow this recipe too closely (instead, I just used equal parts of butter and flour and had to cook it about 3min), but up to this point I had NO idea that roux could be made this quickly! I'll have to make it with the onions, etc. next time. Thanks for sharing a great technique, Leslie!

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newlandgeorge February 13, 2009

The last time I made a traditional roux for gumbo, I stood in front of the stove for 45 minutes. Using the microwave, it took about 10 minutes total (that includes the stir time inbetween). This actually works really well. And it's most likely the best roux I've made yet. The proof will be tonight when I get to taste the fruits of my labor in the Gumbo Gumbo that's in the slow cooker right now.

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Andi the grate February 26, 2008

I was very skeptical when I saw this posted because I have literally spent hours in the kitchen slow cooking my roux until it was perfectly brown. I tried this and let me tell you it is awesome. I will never stand over the stove again! I did add Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and it was perfect!

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MommaMac February 25, 2007
Microwave Roux