Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

this is from barbara kafka's "microwave gourmet". i make it often, it's so easy. no stirring like the traditional recipe. add an extra cup of water if you like yours creamier.

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  1. heat butter and oil in pie dish, uncovered for 2 minutes on hi.
  2. add onion, stir, cook for 4 minutes on hi.
  3. stir in rice to coat, cook 4 minutes on hi.
  4. mix saffron into broth, add to rice, cook on hi for 9 minutes.
  5. stir and cook on hi for 9 minutes more.
  6. let sit for a few mins, add salt, pepper and cheese.
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My microwave is a powerful one and the onions burned during the first steps. And all this liquid wouldn't fit into a pie plate, so I used a casserole dish. Then after the two 9 minute cooking steps, it was still very soupy, so I added another 5 minutes. It came out dark brown and gummy, not really the way risotto should look. But the flavor was still good. I was making for myself, so I was happy, but if it had been for company, I'd have been disappointed.

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This is an excellant recipe! I do have to adjust the cooking time for the onions. I use shallots in place of the onions. I also add rosemary and marsala wine--no saffron. I served this with braised lamb shanks and it was a definite hit. T

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This is a recipe I kept meaning to post, as I could never find the book when I wanted to make it - how great to find it already posted. Borrow the book from the library for conversions to different quantities and also for some tasty variations. I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow.